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The wrap low down

This summer our team at Wholly Bagels has been thinking of expanding our ever growing Wholly menu. Our constant determination to bring you the best and the healthiest has brought us to the realms of wraps for all you health freaks out there!

Here's why:

How we make them

Our wraps are an alternative to our Classic and Gourment Bagel range, meaning that you can get your favourite bagel stuffing - on a wrap! We prepare them with the same fresh and favoursome veggies and meats that we use for our Bagels and not to forget with the very same love!

The selection

Our wrap selection comprises of the plain wrap and the spinach wrap to suit everyone's taste. Choose 3 from our range of 5 favoursome sauces to add to your wrap and give your taste buds a party on the go!

The health benefits

Wraps and health pretty much go hand in hand! With a fat count of only 2.00-2.50 grams per wrap, they are a healthy alternative to white bread or burgers and fries! Top that up with our delicious meats and veggies and the health quotient increases even more! Its not just a grab and go food option but also provides nutrition from the salad and meats used in it! Need we say more?

Where the ingredients come from

We are not just proud to be a New Zealand company - we also pride ourselves in using the very best of what our wonderful country has to offer! We use 100% New Zealand made products to bring the best to you!




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