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The bagel low down

How we make them

First we get into a New York state of mind, as our bagel recipes use techniques perfected in the Big Apple. High protein flour, yeast, brown sugar, salt and water are combined into a bagel dough, which is baked
to a delicious glaze. Then we taste them to make sure they're perfect. OK it's because they smell amazing and we get hungry, is that a crime?

Something for all tastes

Where to begin... We have a bagel and filling combination for every taste and occasion. We have breakfast bagels, lunch bagels, creative bagels, mini bagels, veggie bagels, and naked bagels ready for? spreading cream cheese all over or dunking in our soups. 13 plain bagels, 19 filled bagels and eight cream cheese options in all. Download a menu now and find one that fits your hunger.

Nice 'n' healthy

Our bagels need no yucky preservatives because we bake 'em fresh. They contain very little sugar or fat (check out our 97% fat free menu). And it's all relative ay? A lunch bagel is definitely a healthier option
than a burger, curry or deep fry, but not quite as saintly as an apple and glass of water. The healthy meals side of the scale is where we're always aiming, you can count on that!

Where the ingredients come from

Ever heard of a little place called New Zealand? They produce the best meats, vegetables, cheese and milk in the whole world. So we deal with Kiwi companies like Tegal, Goodman Fielder and Fresh
Connection to get the freshest and best ingredients to you each day.



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