Thorndon and Lower Hutt stores now open for contactless pick-up & deliveries

Who are we?

Good question. This is how it all began...

We love bagels. Always have. And as them wise folk say, do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. So we started a bagel business that would allow us every day to enjoy making them, baking them, spreading them, filling them, eating them and of course preparing them for bagel lovers like yourself!

The first person to love bagels though, in case you're curious, was the Polish King in 1683. A Jewish baker decided to bake him a bunch (probably 13) to thank him for saving the city from invaders. The King loved horses, so the baker crafted a hard roll in the shape of a stirrup, hence it's original name 'burgel' -- German for stirrup. And years later, Wholly Bagels stores far and wide still use his burgel making methods!
Thanks Jewish baker guy.

Long story short -- bagel love spread throughout Europe, immigrants took the recipe to America and in 1998 a baker from Washington moved to Wellington and opened the first Wholly Bagels. Love for our unique bagel textures, flavours and fillings spread like melting mozzarella (mmmm) and now wherever active, busy, healthy folk live, work and play we are there to provide nourishment and deliciousness. Cool job aye!

So why pizzas?

Another good question. Sometimes it's hard to know why these things happen -- they just do and they turn out awesome and we don't ask why. Because seriously, how good is an enormous slice of New York pizza? (Really good is the answer). So again, we're
simply enjoying making food we love, using authentic, traditional methods and just like with our bagels, large pizza lovers have flocked to share in the joy.

If you're wondering who our little mate is -- that's Little Dev. He turned up on the scene when we opened in 1998 and seemed to like the place and people so much that he hasn't left. The never-ending supply of bagel and pizza crumbs that staff feed him might have something to do with it.

He's cool to have around though, aside from being a little mischievous sometimes, turning up where you least expect. Some say that hunger pain you get around 11.45am each day is him prodding you with his fork, reminding you that only a delicious Wholly Bagel or slice of pizza will do the trick. Plus, he really likes it when you visit.